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Posted on March 10, 2024 by James Kindred

The SPILL Festival of Performance was created in London by artist Robert Pacitti in 2007.

At that time Robert had spent 15 years making and touring his own group and solo experimental performance works internationally, under the name Pacitti Company. But presenting this type of work in any sustained meaningful way in the UK was an issue which at that time many artists faced. It was this gap in provision which led Robert to create SPILL, as an artist-led tactic towards forcing significant change.

Housed in the specially refurbished Victorian Wing of the Ipswich Museum and Ipswich Art Gallery, the Think Tank is a space for rehearsals, classes, events and more. It’s the venue for THINK TANK LIVE, a unique opportunity for audiences in Ipswich to see a series of artists’ performances, talks and screenings in an informal and intimate setting.

Through their programmes of amazing, high-quality artist-led projects, educational activities and creative opportunities, they break down barriers between performance and other art forms, offering experiences that bridge the gap between marginal and mainstream approaches to making art.

Think Tank Live 2024

Spill’s Think Tank Live runs from March 21st 2024 – July 13th 2024 with a range of live events for all ages and interests.

Spill Think Tank

Spill Think Tank

High Street Ipswich IP1 3QH

SPILL is an arts organisation and registered charity based in Ipswich, a town in the East of England. We create events for the people of Ipswich, East Anglia, and further afield, and work with artists to develop their practice.

Events with Spill Think Tank

SPILL has been an artist-led organisation since its inception. The creative direction provided by an Artistic Director who is also an artist is incredibly important to the functioning of the festival and wider organisation.

Current Artistic Director, Robin Deacon, has worked in performance, video and writing since the mid 1990s. His work is known for its innovative approach to the lecture as an art form. Robin’s interest in storytelling and narrative is reflected in his approach to programming and curation at SPILL, where he emphasises unusual perspectives and untold histories.

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James Kindred

James lives in Ipswich and has been a graphic designer and brand founder for the last 25 years. He specialises in branding, startups, guerilla marketing and effectively frustrating authority figures to deliver results. James is co-founder of Ipswich.love, co-chair of the Suffolk Autism Strategy board and a board advisor to R;ipple, a suicide prevention charity.

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