What … who … how?

What is Ipswich.Love?

It’s an independent not-for-profit organisation and movement, run by a team of proud Ipswich folk who want to celebrate everything about our amazing town, people, diversity, culture and creativity.

What is its purpose?

We’re people who want to shout about all the great stuff that happens across the Borough of Ipswich. We’re not just about the town centre or the waterfront – we’re about every single area that makes up Ipswich.

Think of us as the Ipswichian Civic Pride Superfans!  We’re the antidote to naysayers who often dominate local news and social media channels with their negative takes on our town.

Who are we?

A team of people who all love living, working and running our businesses in Ipswich.  Some of us grew up here, others are glad to have moved here.

Each team member brings different business skills and life experiences.  Unusually, there is no hierarchy in our team because every person’s contribution is equally valid.

We may have different lived experiences and opinions, but we are pulling together to get things done for the good of the town.

There is no hidden agenda. We’re individuals who want to promote good things that we know happen in every corner of Ipswich.

Ipswich.Love is not part of any profit-making organisation, political Party or faith group.

Is Ipswich.Love a news outlet or a newspaper?

No.  It’s a community but we have an online presence too.

We’re still deciding on the exact mix of what we will offer, but it’s likely to include free publicity for events in Ipswich and communities via this website and on our socials (@ipswich.love on Instagram or Facebook), plus occasional support from our team for selected community-led projects.

Has Ipswich.Love launched?

Right now, it’s gathering momentum (we recently got our CIC status!),  inviting Ipswich people and businesses to get on board and join this positive and supportive community.

Soon it will be announcing new projects and partnerships.

Isn’t it duplicating the work of other “place marketing” organisations?

No. We aren’t paid to promote the town centre and Waterfront businesses. (which means we’re also not at the mercy of levy payers and larger retailers). We’re interested in supporting people, communities and businesses in every neighbourhood.

How is the organisation funded?

Currently, any expenses are covered by voluntary effort and with donations from the team members and their own networks.

Soon we will begin applying for grants, and inviting donations and funding from other sources, to pay for specific projects across the town.

We are not in receipt of any funding from taxpayers or from Ipswich’s business levy payers.

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