For the love of saying hello Written by Lanny Huang,

Published on September 24, 2023

For the love of saying hello -

Dear Ipswich, I hope you are having a great day.

Both my husband and I moved to Ipswich (from Hong Kong) for 2 years now. We really enjoyed staying here in Ipswich. First of all, the history and treasured buildings everywhere including the Town Centre, the WaterFront and the churches, the libraries, the statues and old buildings – this is very unique showing of heritage and town value.

Just a short drive around Ipswich, you can visit many lovely parks, beaches, gardens, protected forests, and green farmland. The people at Ipswich are so welcoming to both my husband and me. I have made friends with my salon hair stylist, the ladies who are at the retail shops and my favourite BonBon dessert shop in town centre. I walk around at Town Centre once a week just to say hello to everyone working at the shops at the Town Centre. I hope to see more optimism and cheeriness in this town.

Surely the football team Ipswich Town we are very proud of, we try to attend each game. Sports can bring everyone together! Let us all cheer and support the BLUE team!

Lanny Huang

Love Letters to Ipswich

For the love of coffee culture and too much makeup -

For the love of coffee culture and too much makeup

Embracing and nurturing what we have in Ipswich now is important for the future of the whole town and as we grow and thrive together as proud residents

Samantha Sherman -

By Sam Sherman

Ipswich Indian Summer Mela

For the love of an underdog

Ipswich has always been buzzing with positive energy and community vibes, a town that never stands still and empowers its waterside town location and qualities

For the love of an underdog -

By Hannah Page

Geek Retreat Ipswich

For the love of a place to geek-out

I love Ipswich and really hope this helps people see and be proud of what really goes on in our town every day.

For the love of a place to geek-out -

By Sharon Lockhart

For the love of all shapes and sizes -

For the love of all shapes and sizes

Wendy Sheppard writes about her love for Ipswich. "I love Ipswich for its buildings ... not just the obvious landmarks that such as the WTW building ..."

For the love of all shapes and sizes -

By Wendy Sheppard

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