Why Listing on Ipswich.love will beat Facebook Event Listings

Posted on December 19, 2023 by James Kindred

While Facebook is a popular platform for event listings, Ipswich.love offers several unique advantages that make it a superior choice for promoting your events in the Ipswich community. Here’s why:

Tailored for Ipswich – Hyperlocal Focus

Ipswich.love is dedicated exclusively to our town. Unlike Facebook, which caters to a global audience, our platform zeroes in on Ipswich, ensuring your event reaches people who are genuinely interested and more likely to attend.

Better Search Engine Visibility

Listings on Ipswich.love are optimized for search engines, giving your events a better chance of appearing in search results (Tech speak – we squeeze every bit out of the Events Schema to push lots of feature-rich content to Google and others). This is a significant edge over Facebook events, which often don’t rank your event particularly well in search engines, limiting your visibility.

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No Algorithm Limitations

Facebook’s algorithms can restrict your event’s reach, often requiring paid promotions for better visibility. Ipswich.love doesn’t operate on such algorithms, meaning every event gets equal visibility without any hidden costs or restrictions.

Community-Centric Platform

Our platform is a community-centric space. It’s not just about listing events; it’s about building and nurturing a local community. This ethos resonates with the audience, fostering a sense of belonging and increased engagement with your events.

Easy Sharing Outside of Facebook

Not everyone uses Facebook. Ipswich.love allows for easy sharing of events across various platforms, not limiting your audience to just one social media site. This broader reach is crucial for maximizing attendance.

No Distractions

On Facebook, your event competes with a plethora of distractions – news feeds, ads, and other posts. Ipswich.love provides a dedicated space for your event, free from distractions, allowing potential attendees to focus solely on what you have to offer.

Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Ipswich.love is designed for ease of use, both for listing and discovering events. This simplicity is often lost on Facebook, where navigating to event listings can be less straightforward.

Connect with a Targeted Audience

Ipswich.love attracts users who are specifically interested in local events and happenings. This targeted audience means your event is more likely to attract attendees who are genuinely interested.

By choosing Ipswich.love for your event listings, you’re not just promoting an event; you’re becoming a part of a growing community dedicated to celebrating and elevating everything that makes Ipswich unique. List with us and see the difference!

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    Who wrote this about Ipswich?

    James Kindred

    James lives in Ipswich and has been a graphic designer and brand founder for the last 25 years. He specialises in branding, startups, guerilla marketing and effectively frustrating authority figures to deliver results. James is co-founder of Ipswich.love, co-chair of the Suffolk Autism Strategy board and a board advisor to R;ipple, a suicide prevention charity.

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