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Posted on February 12, 2024 by Cordelle Sheldon

Ipswich.love are delighted to announce our first community partnership. Hopefully many more to follow across every neighbourhood in Ipswich.

Led by Jason Alexander and based at the UK’s first Vintage Litter Museum, Rubbish Walks host and work with a variety of community groups, clubs and events designed to give people the knowledge, skills and encouragement to live a litter free lifestyle. Jason is also an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy who have long used the motto ‘love where you live’.

We are excited about all the possibilities of working with Rubbish Walks and hope through this collaboration to celebrate and help every neighbourhood in the town exercise its civic pride.

Ipswich.love will be joining Rubbish Walks for a Valentines Day Litter Pick starting at Graham Plumbers Merchant Ipswich at 1pm.

Graham’s has kindly given permission for participants to park in their car park if required and all details are on the Rubbish Walks website and socials.

Rubbish Walks

Rubbish Walks

Rubbish Walks are an award winning UK social enterprise dedicated to inspiring long term positive changes in attitudes towards littering.

About Rubbish Walks

Going for a Rubbish Walk can be a great way to combat loneliness and a feeling of isolation. It’s an ideal activity to do with family and friends and it’s a great way to meet new people too. Picking up litter as you go also helps the environment and keeps your local community looking cleaner and tidier.

Jason Alexander, also known as the Wildlife Gadget Man, is an expert in wildlife technology with over 20 years of experience designing innovative wildlife camera systems. His award-winning work supports individuals, schools, conservation organizations, and television productions. Through his blog, wildlifegadgetman.com, he shares his passion for nature and technology, aiming to inspire outdoor exploration among children by integrating modern technology.

In 2014, Jason embarked on a challenge to witness and photograph 100 sunrises within a year, an endeavor that highlighted both the beauty of nature and the pervasive issue of litter in the environment. His observations led him to actively participate in and promote beach, river, and street clean-ups, documenting these efforts online to encourage community involvement in environmental preservation.

To further address the issue of plastic waste and its environmental impact, Alexander established RubbishWalks.co.uk. This dedicated platform serves as a testament to his commitment to environmental advocacy, offering resources and inspiration for others to join in the effort to clean up natural spaces.

Who wrote this about Ipswich?

Cordelle Sheldon

Following a career which took her to one of the big 4 Consultancy firms working with a variety of global clients and then the University of Suffolk, Cordelle is now a freelance business advisor. Cordelle has held voluntary postions with the social mobility charity, Career Ready. She has lived in Ipswich for over 20 years and has a long affinity with the town.

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