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Posted on December 18, 2023 by James Kindred

We’ve got some exciting news for you. We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of local event listings on the website.

Launching in 2024, This new addition is specifically designed for venue owners and event managers across Ipswich, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your events to a broader audience.

Forever Free – Promoting Your Event Has Never Been Easier!

Here’s the best part – listing your events on is absolutely free, forever! We believe in supporting our local community, and this is our way of giving back. No hidden fees, no surprises, no ads!

Boost Your Visibility – Get Noticed by More People

When you list your event on our platform, you’re not just reaching the local community. You’re also enhancing your online presence. The event listings will be designed to promote your website and ensure that your event gets noticed by search engines. This means more visibility and more attendees for your events!

Whether you’re Applaud Coffee, The Smokehouse or the local library or community in your neigbourhood, will promote your event for no charge and promote it through search and social.

User-Friendly – Making Event Discovery a Breeze

Our platform is all about simplicity and ease of use. Whether you’re a tech wizard or a digital novice, listing your event is a straightforward process. Plus, visitors to our site will find it super easy to discover and share events, making sure your event reaches the widest audience possible.

For the Whole of Ipswich – Celebrating Our Community

This feature is not just for a select few; it’s for the entire Ipswich community. Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a large-scale event, our platform is the perfect place to promote it. We’re here to celebrate everything that makes Ipswich special, and your events are a big part of that.

Getting Started is Easy

Ready to list your event? Just head over to and follow the simple steps to get your event up and running. We can’t wait to see what amazing events you’ll bring to our community.

Let’s Make Ipswich Events Shine!

Together, let’s make Ipswich the go-to destination for vibrant, exciting events. Spread the word, list your events, and let’s make this a thriving hub for our local community.

Looking forward to seeing your events on!

Who wrote this about Ipswich?

James Kindred

James lives in Ipswich and has been a graphic designer and founder for the last 25 years. He specialises in branding, startups, guerilla marketing and effectively frustrating authority figures to deliver results. James is also co-chair of the Suffolk Autism Strategy board and a board advisor to R;ipple, a suicide prevention charity.

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