Reading Quest – Where will reading take you this summer?

Posted on July 10, 2024 by Sam Sherman is very pleased to announce that Suffolk Libraries is launching an exciting new summer reading programme for primary school children next week. Reading Quest will run over the summer holiday across the county, offering an exciting opportunity to get the whole family involved in reading and making memories this summer.

Reading Quest across Suffolk

Reading Quest will build on the previous Summer Reading Challenge by encouraging children to read for pleasure over the summer months, but is also designed to be more engaging, with a Suffolk theme which will involve the whole family.

Stoke Library

Stoke Library

Maidenhall Approach Ipswich IP2 8PL

Books, CDs, free computer access, WiFi, printing, pre-school children's activities, events for older people, advice and resources.

Events with Stoke Library

All children aged 2-12 can take part and can visit their local library from Saturday 13 July to collect a free Reading Quest map and start their quest! Children will be encouraged to take part in activities and experiences across the summer rather than read an expected number of books. These ‘quests’ will range from ‘reading under the covers with a torch’ to ‘choosing a recipe book and ‘making something together as a family’.

Castle Hill priamry school at Ipswich County Library Picture: Charlotte Bond

Every week during the summer holidays, library staff and volunteers will be on hand to chat to children about the activities completed each week and the exciting books they’ve read. While visiting the library, children can collect a weekly reward and a new stack of books to enjoy at home.

Rosehill Library

Rosehill Library

Tomline Road Ipswich IP3 8DB

Books, CDs, free computer access, WiFi, printing, room hire facilities, pre-school children's activities, events for older people, advice and resources.

The Reading Quest map has been created by local Suffolk artist, Anna Lindsay and highlights local myths and legends that Suffolk is widely known for as well as a few funny alliterative additions. These include the Baying Wolves of Bury St Edmunds, Orcas of the Orwell and The Black Shuck of Bungay.

Reading Quest is being supported by official sponsors Advantage Angels, one the fastest growing private nursing agencies in the UK who have their HQ in Ipswich and support care homes, hospitals, private homecare nursing, primary care and mental health institutions across the country. Advantage Angels are providing £20,000 of sponsorship to help Suffolk Libraries create a range of colourful and free resources for children over the next two years.

Castle Hill primary school at Ipswich County Library Picture: Charlotte Bond

Erin Hamilton, Suffolk Libraries Children’s Librarian, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching Reading Quest next week. Thanks to our sponsors Advantage Angels, we have some beautiful resources to give to children to inspire their reading journeys across Suffolk this summer. Reading Quest will hopefully encourage children to explore our libraries and their Suffolk surroundings and it’s something the whole family can enjoy! We’d love as many children as possible to start their quest next week but you can join at any time over the summer holidays.

Chantry Library

Chantry Library

Northgate Street Ipswich IP1 3DE

Books, CDs, free computer access, WiFi, printing, room hire facilities, pre-school children's activities, events for older people, advice and resources.

Mekala Hodgson, Managing Director of Advantage Angels, said: “Advantage Angels are honoured to support and sponsor Suffolk Libraries’ 2024 Summer Reading Quest. We feel as a business it’s important to support the local communities of Suffolk and what better way than getting the children involved in what will be a magical reading quest adventure! Giving this opportunity to all the children is heartwarming and I am sure they will enjoy it immensely.

Research has proven that a summer reading campaign can help children to maintain literacy levels during the long summer holiday so their reading skills don’t slip. It’s also a great way of getting them to discover their local library with many signing up for their first library card to take part.

Broomhill Library

Broomhill Library

Sherrington Road Ipswich IP1 4HT

Broomhill Library, previously known as Westbourne Library, is a former civilian air raid shelter and gas decontamination centre that was awarded a grade II listing in 2012.

Children can take part at all 45 libraries (including the 8 in the area) across Suffolk and those who visit mobile libraries and the four weekly pop-up library sessions can still borrow books to take part. Any child can take part but it’s primarily aimed at 2-12 year olds.

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