For the love of the drive to school Written by Tim Robinson,

Published on October 4, 2023

For the love of the drive to school -

Dear Ipswich, I hope you are well.

I love you!

You were the exciting big town a bus or train ride away from Felixstowe when I was a kid in the 1970s. Hatchards bookshop felt like a world of possibility. Woolworths, BHS and the Coop Department Store always had better Lego.

You were a daily drive to school with my dad in the 1980s and later my teenage playground for all those formative experiences until I was 18 in 1991 – happy days.

And you’ve been my work HQ for the last 6 years since 2017 and it’s great to see how you’ve changed for the better. A diverse and often vibrant town with a wonderful old bone structure, you’ve got your own University now, lots of great arts venues and more the one mean cups of coffee. These days when I’m not working I’m most likely to be in one of your brilliant Kurdish, Indian, Portuguese or Polish specialist food shops than anywhere else.

I wish you all the very best as you try your best to be a fantastic place in the 21st century, and I hope those people of Ipswich and Suffolk who have your best interests at heart do even more to support your success, and those who don’t really know you, get to know you.

Tim Robinson

Love Letters to Ipswich

The front of MicroShops, Ipswich.

For the love of finding a new home

I was an outsider that happened to discover you by accident in 2016. My eye was immediately drawn to the buildings and churches.

For the love of finding a new home -

By Noma Khabo

For the love of spreading your wings. -

For the love of spreading your wings.

If a man who has lived in one of the most revered cities in the world can see all the glorious beauty of Ipswich, then anybody can.

For the love of spreading your wings. -

By Gary Pope

Spring Wood, Ipswich

For the love of language

So a BIG thank you to Ipswich and everyone within this great town who has been a part of my ‘new life’, post-2016.

For the love of language -

By Nazima Abulkhairi

For the love of poetry -

For the love of poetry

I have worked, married, retired early, discovered poetry (the writing of) and therefore my love letter takes the form of a poem

For the love of poetry -

By Jane Howard

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