For the love of all shapes and sizes Written by Wendy Sheppard, Suffolk Mind

Published on October 19, 2023

For the love of all shapes and sizes -

Dear Ipswich, I hope you are having a great week.

I love Ipswich for its buildings and great architecture, not just the obvious landmarks that dominate our town such as the WTW building, the wonderful Ancient House, the University and Christchurch Mansion, but also the varying shapes, size and age range of the architecture that shares the same space.

I took my kids to school only today and sat at the roundabout adjacent to the Novotel. In front of me, I gazed at tall residential flats that dominate the skyline, the shell of Paul’s silo, two fantastic proud heritage churches, some directly in front of me and the others farther away in the background. Directly in front of me, the the little red Tudor house on College Street that I can only describe as the house from the film ‘Up’ – I for once, let time stand still for a moment whilst I just took it all in.

Wendy Sheppard
Suffolk Mind

Love Letters to Ipswich

An aerial shot of a crowd taking part in the Park Run in Ipswich

For the love of heart and soul

I’ve since moved away, and spent longer living out of it than I spent growing up there, and yet, Ipswich is, and always will be, my home town.

For the love of heart and soul -

By Tash Acres

Christchurch Park, Ipswich

For the love of finding connections

Our parks are amazing: a family could spend several days in Christchurch Park and still not experience all it has to offer, and all free!

For the love of finding connections -

By Polly Rodwell

The front of MicroShops, Ipswich.

For the love of finding a new home

I was an outsider that happened to discover you by accident in 2016. My eye was immediately drawn to the buildings and churches.

For the love of finding a new home -

By Noma Khabo

For the love of jumping off the top board -

For the love of jumping off the top board

I can trace my family line back several centuries from East Suffolk. My great (x3) Grandfather was coxswain of the Thorpeness lifeboat.

Mark Ling at Broom Hill swimming pool

By Mark Ling

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