For the love of poetry Written by Jane Howard,

Published on September 13, 2023

For the love of poetry -

Dear Ipswich, I hope you are well.

My father was a Blacksmith at Ransomes Sims & Jeffries (a great old foundry with many years in Ipswich) whilst my mother was a well-known shop worker at Attwoods (a local estate shop).

Growing up on a council estate and attending a comprehensive school locally certainly did not hinder my ambitions or aspirations. I met the love of my life at school and we are still married today some 43 years later loving life and what is on offer to us right on our doorstep.

So I have worked, married, retired early, discovered poetry (the writing of) and therefore my love letter takes the form of a poem …

A poem for Ipswich

The town of my birth, a historic town
Whilst many may knock it this makes me frown
Look around and see what’s in front of your eyes
I think you will be most pleasantly surprised
Follow the blue plaques to become enlightened
Take the Ghost Tour if you want to be frightened
There’s the Ancient House and Thomas Wolsey’s gate
Christchurch Mansion in all its fine state
Pykehams Gatehouse is one of our oldest
Norman Foster’s glass masterpiece one of our boldest
Stand on the Cornhill and take a moment to peruse
Architecturally astounding are some of the views
At the wet dock the Old Custom House keeps a watchful eye
Boats come and go, as do passers-by
Our Waterfront is a vibrant location
With many eateries and watering holes to maintain your hydration
Read Chaucer and Dickens for their nod to our folk
Whilst Gainsborough and Constable paintings provoke
Go shopping in ‘The Saints’ for something unique
Visit Ipswich Museum, your interest to pique
A myriad of beautiful parks sharing their ancient greenery
The Orwell Bridge framed by Nacton foreshores scenery
From artists to artisans, there is so much to do and see
With many attractions being totally free
Take a fresh look at what is on offer, embrace and simply enjoy
Let’s ‘big up’ our town and not destroy
So come on you doubters remove that frown
What’s not to love about Ipswich Town

Jane Howard

Love Letters to Ipswich

Spring Wood, Ipswich

For the love of language

So a BIG thank you to Ipswich and everyone within this great town who has been a part of my ‘new life’, post-2016.

For the love of language -

By Nazima Abulkhairi

For the love of being a Suffolk baby -

For the love of being a Suffolk baby

Like most Suffolk babies, I was born in ipswich hospital in 1998, it’s where I started life. I grew up and lived between Suffolk and London

Lily Hammond, UWU Studio

By Lily Hammond

For the love of endless creative energy -

For the love of endless creative energy

I feel very privileged for the cultural education I received here, thanks to the diverse makeup of the town and its geography.

Marcus Harris-Noble

By Marcus Harris-Noble

For the love of charm and kindness -

For the love of charm and kindness

I love Ipswich for its style, docks, town centre and small shops. I also love Ipswich for its charm and the kindness of its inhabitants.

For the love of charm and kindness -

By Leonie Duplanil

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