For the love of finding connections Written by Polly Rodwell, Retired Teacher

Published on September 13, 2023

Christchurch Park, Ipswich

Dear Ipswich, I hope you are having a great week.

I really love Ipswich and I’m so sad to see people putting it down. Yes, as with all towns of this size, we have problems: closed shops, potholes, and poverty to name just three. But Ipswich has so much to offer!

Our parks are amazing: a family could spend several days in Christchurch Park and still not experience all it has to offer, and all free!

And what about the free music festivals, the free activities on the Cornhill, the Pulse Festival, the eateries, the theatres and the dance school?

And, contrary to what you read on social media, people in Ipswich are friendly and helpful. Only a couple of days ago, we found a toddler running through town in a panic because he’d lost his family. A young couple took it upon themselves to scour the town. They found the father and brother and ran back to tell us he was on his way.
So many good things but my final love is our hospital. We are so lucky to have it.

Polly Rodwell
Retired Teacher

Love Letters to Ipswich

For the love of Bunny-bout and Ipswich Mountain -

For the love of Bunny-bout and Ipswich Mountain

Ipswich you are a very unique place, one which I will always hold dear to me and I’m very thankful for all the memories you’ve been a part of!

For the love of Bunny-bout and Ipswich Mountain -

By Lucy Slater

The Ipswich Waterfront

For the love of a second thought

I love having brunch or dinner at one of the restaurants or cafes on the Waterfront. We are also blessed with some beautiful parks.

For the love of a second thought -

By Samantha Brook

For the love of my community -

For the love of my community

I’ve been fortunate enough to see this work close up to see the tireless work being done to help others.

Glen Chisholm

By Glen Chisholm

An Aerial picture of the Willis Building, Ipswich

For the love of … well, love!

I nearly didn’t come to the interview; my car broke down on the way and it all became a bit of a struggle as I ended up having to get the train from London.

For the love of … well, love! -

By Tracy Ward

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