For the love of unsung heroes Written by Friends from Soka Gakkai International,

Published on November 26, 2023

For the love of unsung heroes -

Dear Ipswich, I love you!

We are a group of friends who practice Nichiren Buddhism in Ipswich, as part of SGI-UK.

When we heard about the Ipswich Love campaign we wanted to get involved because we feel it ties in with our prayer for our town: ‘The town of Ipswich is a harmonious, safe, and vibrant place to live for families. It has a booming economy and creative arts and entrepreneurship.”

Ipswich, we love you! Keep on going and growing.

Ipswich is an unsung hero, with many wonderful aspects which are not always appreciated. We want to focus on the positives and the beauty.

The beauty of the parks and Marina. There are so many positive aspects including the museum, the theatres, and the elegant architecture. We also love living in a bustling multi faith and multicultural town.

There are links to London and we are surrounded by the picturesque countryside of Suffolk, with the seaside town of Felixstowe just down the road.

The elevation of Ipswich Town football club has brought the town together and raised the spirits of the town.

There is an abundance of cafes, restaurants, bars, and good old-fashioned real ale pubs!

Ipswich, we love you! Keep on going and growing.

Love Ipswich West group of SGI friends xxx

Friends from Soka Gakkai International

Love Letters to Ipswich

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For the love of spreading your wings.

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